Italian Pastries

Get Old-Fashioned Italian Pastries

Our recipe for incredible Italian pastries is no secret. We simply use the freshest ingredients available, add multiple generations of family-developed techniques, throw in a good helping of authenticity, and a healthy serving of experience. Mix thoroughly and – bada-bing – you've got unrivaled Italian pastries!

We also have brownies, cream puffs, cherry boats, coconut macaroons, eclairs, elephant ears, pineapple puffs, and more! Trays are arranged with our assortments and decorated with cookies and almonds. Contact Moio's Italian Pastry Shop today!

Make Your Experience Better With Our Tips

  • If possible, pick up your pastry on the same day you plan to serve them. We make them fresh for you, and you should serve them fresh too!
  • Most of our pastries require refrigeration
  • For that special occasion, we offer 8 different kinds of miniature pastries. Each one is about one quarter to one half the dimension of its full-size counterpart. We recommend serving 2 to 3 per person
  • The miniatures can be ordered assorted on 3 different size trays or by the piece packed in a box.

Our Menu

Our Menu

Our Menu

Miniature pastries are individually priced at $1.60. We offer three trays – Small (includes 24 pieces) for $50.00, Medium (includes 40 pieces) for $75.00, and Large (includes 60 pieces) for $105.00.
All of our trays are made with our assortment and decorated with a few cookies and almonds. Miniatures can be ordered assorted on three different sized trays or by the piece packaged in a box.
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