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Delicious Wedding and Anniversary Cakes

Let Us Make Your Day Special With a Beautiful Cake

Make your wedding day special with a beautiful, delicious cake, personally created just for you. Our wedding cake is a white batter with a slight almond flavor. Our cake features a buttercream filling with cherries, pineapple and toasted almonds.

We give it a little shot of rum flavor, which provides Moio's Italian Pastry Shop's wedding cakes with their unique, festive taste.
Wedding cake

Exotic Cakes and Fillings

Depending on the season of your event, we can also provide a fresh strawberry or raspberry buttercream filling. Whether you prefer a rich chocolate fudge filling or plain buttercream filling, it is fine with us. Our wedding cake starts at $3.95 per slice. Extra costs could include an ornament or fresh flowers for your cake. If you want separator columns between the tiers, a deposit is required. There will be a delivery charge based on the destination, and there is a 75-person minimum for delivery.
We also provide more exotic cakes and fillings, including our rum cake or chocolate torte, and more elaborate styles, including our fountain cake and rolled fondant cake. Of course, these more exotic cakes come with an additional cost.
Feel free to visit our bakery anytime to look at our book of wedding cake photos. We usually have slices of the cherry nut and raspberry filled cakes in store for you to taste. Call us to schedule an appointment or to place an order at least 4 months before your "big day."
Wedding Cake

Read Some of Our Useful Tips

  • For smaller weddings, we offer three different sizes of two-tier wedding cakes, which you can pick up
  • You can usually expect about 20% less people than you invited to attend your wedding
  • If you plan on using fresh flowers on the cake, order through your florist so all colors and styles match. We will be happy to coordinate with your florist
  • If you're planning to have a large wedding, you can reduce the cost of the cake dramatically by ordering a smaller size and getting sheet cakes to serve the difference
  • Serve your cake for dessert as opposed to squishing it in a napkin. We hate that!
Call 412-372-6700 for wedding and anniversary cakes!
Simply schedule an appointment with us to taste test a variety of our wedding cakes!
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